Juan Luis Landaeta - Statement


In my artistic practice I propose an immersion in primitive and timeless worlds. Through painting I seek to generate an encounter between sensitive thought, the imaginary, and artistic expression.

In the world’s social dynamics there is a need to open territories that, like spaces of light, provide us with insight about our existence. My territory has been the materiality of space through form, abstraction, and chromatic vibrations, creating an intimate alphabet of works that engage and debate with each other, like huge letters.

To me, the silence that surrounds my works is an explanation of how vast the void is; Something that we feel and assume, that we represent as something that is torn, and that we cross through. It is a total void, where materiality of space is achieved through color, form, interactions of tone, shape, and rhythms, as well as a through a language that seeks the knowledge of the self. All this is traversed by calligraphic construction, the generation of a logbook that seeks itself amongst conceptual variations prone to abstraction.

Since my beginnings in visual arts I have focused on expanding calligraphic possibilities in my works, and on studying the instability of the line as an element that serves to compose or alternate visual discourses. I am interested in the interaction between the written forms of discourse and the plastic forms to establish it.

Meditating on all these manifestations, and the compositions they generate in our perception, have been part of all my disciplines of work so far.



Juan Luis Landaeta